Independent Scaffold Inspections

Risk assessments and method statements are required for all jobs where working at height is involved. This ensures that the most appropriate tools are being used for the project. The risk assessment looks at different factors to determine, for example:

  • How long the equipment is needed
  • Ground conditions at the site
  • The risks of installation and removal

At Supa Scaffolding (Midlands) Ltd, we have experienced workers trained in advanced scaffold inspection and we employ the Scafftag system. Below is more information about our independent scaffold inspections:

When is a scaffold inspection required?

  • Before the equipment is used
  • Every 7 days until the scaffold is removed
  • After severe weather conditions, e.g extremely wet weather and high winds
  • After substantial alterations are made to the structure of the scaffolding

It is important to ensure that:

  • The person carrying out the inspection is qualified to do so and that proof of their competence is provided.
  • The inspector should create the inspection report at the time of inspection. If this is not possible then it should be provided to those in charge of the project within 24 hours.
  • A copy of the inspection should be kept on site and another copy should be kept on record for 3 months after the job has finished.
  • If the inspector fails the structure, it must be reported to the person in charge as quickly as possible to prevent further problems.


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